A Lichen a Day — 2 December 2020

A lichen a day keeps depression at bay…

Having slept better last night and having words churning in my head, I’m trying to be in a better mood today (I still have plenty to grump about but trying not to let that have space in my head). So I want to spread some joy to both my moss and lichen loving friends, by giving you both in one shot.

moss and lichen growing intertwined

Took this one in the backyard on the south-facing side of pine tree. The tree is on the north edge of a little swath of woods between our place and the neighbor’s house.

  • Shot taken 16 November 2020
  • Device: DSC-HX400V
  • 1/50 sec. f 4
  • focal length 12mm

Once again an unedited shot direct from the camera. I am trying to get better at framing them nicely and stuff directly, although doing macro work I find I have to use center focus to have enough control over what the autofocus chooses. I have a lot of eye issues related to the severity of my migraines anymore so I can’t actually trust my eyeballs to do decent manual focus.

So what do you think–are they warring for dominance or happily coexisting?


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