A Lichen a Day — 1 December 2020

A lichen a day keeps depression at bay

Another day, another need for lichen. I need some cheering up myself today, as I am lost in the land of migraine as well as fighting with other health issues that have been bothering me a while.

We’re going black-and-white today.

Today’s lichen:

a few types of lichen in black and white

Something about this shot just gets my brain thinking. I love the mix of types, first off. But then there is that one lone one growing away from the few others of its type and looking so much stronger. Is it a pioneer?  A rebel who refused to do what was expected of it? 

The speculative author part of me wonders if some tiny creature has a home in or under it and has coaxed and tended it to make it fit their needs. (Yes, I’m weird)

So the photo details for any who want them:

  • Shot taken 28 November 2020
  • Device: DSC-HX400V
  • 1/50 sec. f 4.5
  • focal length 15mm

This photo is unedited beyond the compression of posting it. Taken in the black and white mode of the camera.

This lichen was not on the same tree as yesterday’s, but was in a similar area. I can’t remember if it was an oak or a birch. 

Like this one oddball spike of lichen, be strong. Be a rebel or a pioneer. Be you.


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