Accidental Apocalypse: A Fifty Word Story

Jimmy fumbled with the heavy book above the open coffin. He recited the foreign words.

“Jenny, arise.”

The battered figure moved upon the pink silk then slowly crawled from the grave. “Feed. Must feed.”

Jimmy had missed that part of the directions, but Jenny made do with the meager fare.

Some people had speculated over what exactly happens to Jenny in last week’s microfiction. I don’t think everyone will appreciate this answer. But remember–the prompt here was IF, so this is just one possibility.  The what if Jenny died and Jimmy felt guilty about having made fun of her one.

Many stories are inspired by ifs. If X happened to so-and-so… It’s one of the most epic prompts of all time.

I’m not going to write more this week. I’ve been working hard on a larger story with a tight deadline and my arm is swelling from too much typing and I’m just burned out. I hope you enjoy the story enough on its own.

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