Playing with the Boys: a Fifty Word Story

Jenny grabbed but the rubber ball bounced off her hands. Jimmy laughed.

She’d get it and him, then the boys would let her play again.

The ball hopped and bounced across the line. Eyes focused, Jenny dived.

The asphalt scraped her knees and elbows as she caught it.

Brakes screeched.

I almost didn’t manage a story from @jayna’s prompt this week because I’ve had a bad week in terms of migraine and arm pain. But I pulled one off this morning, thanks to @anikekirsten and the rest of my @ink-ubator team.

One of the most important things I’ve found for me as a writer is a group of peers with whom I can share the challenges, joys, and downfalls of writing. For me, my group is @ink-ubator and the people there are worth huge amounts to me. They push me to write even when I’m migrained and aching and down in the dumps. They share my frustration when I get a rejection or just can’t make the words do what I want them to. They share my joy when I meet my writing goal for the day–trivial though it is compared to the productivity of some of them. Most importantly, they help me push myself to be the best writer I can be and push my writing to be the best it can be.

If we don’t do our best, what have we done? It might be GEFS (Good Enough For Steem), but I want my work to be something I can be proud of, even if it seems like a trivial piece to other people. I want to push my writing and editing skills beyond what I thought I could do so I improve. To do that, I need people around me who push me to better myself and don’t let me wallow in a bad mood or give up because something is hard.

I consider myself lucky to have the @ink-ubator family in my life. 

If you need a writing group like that–one who will push you to keep improving and keep trying–you’re welcome to check out our group. We’re open to new members who are serious about honing their skills and becoming better writers. Ones who aren’t willing to settle that something is “good enough.”

If you’re looking for a group like that, check out The INKubator Writing Community.

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