A Lichen a Day — 24 December 2020 (Christmas Eve)

I’m in Denmark, so our primary Christmas celebration is this evening. I don’t have much time–I’m a bit in decapitated chicken mode trying to finish up what I need to do and set the table and stuff. We will be three people–me, my husband, and my mother-in-law. A celebration well under the guidelines for the country in this pandemic.

Last night we ate rice porridge for dinner. If we followed all the traditions, we’d have put a bowl in the attic for “nisser” — the Danish version of elves, although in practice they more closely resemble brownies, as they can be quite mischievous. Feeding them is supposed to keep them quiet and they are connected to the Danish version of Santa Claus in some way as well. 

But nisser are also often pictures with mushrooms, especially the ones with red hats and white spots, which are actually quite poisonous. However, when I saw the small fungus in this shot along with moss and lichen, I wanted to imagine a very tiny outcast/rebellious nisse making it their home in the woods.

Does it inspire any thoughts or story ideas for you?

a small cap mushroom bedded in moss against a stump with cuppy lichen

  • f/3.5
  • 1/30 sec
  • ISO 400

Now I really need to run off and see about getting that pork roast in the oven…


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