A Lichen a Day — 15 December

A lichen a day keeps depression at bay…

I am definitely going to need to find my fingerless gloves–they’re hiding somewhere in the house–if I’m to keep taking pictures all winter. I went out briefly yesterday before my dentist appointment and by the time I got back in, my fingers were red and aching badly. And the weather isn’t even below freezing. It’s just so damp that the chill really hurts.

But I did get this beauty, among others, for your lichen enjoyment.

mixed lichen growing on horse fencing "rope"

This grouping of mixed lichen types is actually growing on the electrified “rope” fencing of our pony pasture. So it’s twisted plastic rope with wires running through it that carry electricity. 

Weather was overcast, so I was once again handholding low speed, high iso shots.

Basic stats:

  • ISO 640
  • f/4
  • 1/50 sec
  • 10mm focal length

Lichen doesn’t ask anyone for permission to grow and thrive. It shows up in the most unlikely places, like here, and makes space for itself to thrive. Be like lichen and don’t ask permission to exist and be happy!


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