Just a Child: A Fifty Word Story

Mitch dismantled the weapon to clean it. “Is your sister gonna rat us out?”

“Nah, I scared her good.” Grinning, Jake bagged the drugs. “Besides, she’s only ten. Who’d believe that little brat?”

The door banged open, and the sheriff’s familiar form filled the frame. “I would. You’re under arrest.”

This is my story from @Jayna’s fifty word prompt this week. She’s made the prompts into a small contest and my story for BELLS actually won last week. This week the prompt is CHILD.

Usually titles are one of the last things I come up with for a story and I often struggle to make them fit. But this is one of the rare times when I start with the title. I’m sure many of us had times as children where we were dismissed by others because of our age. As if that made us less intelligent, less insightful, or incapable of having an opinion.

So I wanted a story where someone’s dismissal of a child got turned around on them and this is what came out of it. 

My thanks, as always, to my INKubator family for their help polishing the story. 

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