Book Review: Bloodlines and Broomsticks by Robyn Bachar

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Bloodlines and Broomsticks is a newer paranormal/paranormal romance release by Robyn Bachar.

Book reviews are by nature very subjective things. Folks like me with writer and editor tendencies can look at aspects of technique and modern writing theory and how well they are applied, but there is always an underlying aspect of personal taste that plays a role.

The reason I’m going on about this is because I was less-than-excited about Bloodlines and Broomsticks and the causes of that primarily fall into personal taste and some vague stuff that the average reader probably doesn’t worry about. So although the blurb of the book did appeal to me, the book itself was only a 3 star read, though on the higher side. Because it doesn’t have a lot of things I consider flaws, it is likely to be a very enjoyable read to a lot of other people.

For me, the book itself seemed focused more on the romance than the other parts of the story, but I was more intrigued by those other parts in the blurb. So if you enjoy a romance with a hint of suspense and a heavy dose of paranormal, this book is going to work for you.

In terms of the more vague things, I felt a bit so-so about the ending. The character has a clear character arc, which is usually my number one requirement for a satisfying ending, and it did reach a somewhat reasonable stopping point. However, it left big chunks of the plot unresolved.

If I think back over the opening chapters of the book, the main character’s goal is to learn magic and take over the position her grandmother held before her death. There is a secondary goal of achieving some sort of revenge against or power over those believed responsible. This creates an expectation for me that the primary goal be resolved at the end.

Instead the story revolves around an unexpected attack on her home and dealing with that. That side track goal does reach solution. And some magic control is obtained. But it still feels like a larger portion of the goals and questions the book has asked were left unresolved.

For me, because I’m the critical type of reader that I am, this kept me from giving the book a higher rating, although the writing is solid and the plot line and characters are enjoyable.

That’s the personal side of things. Those pieces didn’t add up enough for me and who I am, but very likely a lot of other people–especially those for whom the romance itself is a key factor–will find it an excellent read.

Note: I did not purchase this book, but chose to download it from NetGalley with the intention of reviewing it.


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