“The Mud Princess”

Cast of Wonders. April 2019. Young Adult. Fantasy. Flash fiction. Text and audio available.

Ruby has always longed to see what hides under the largest rock in the creek. 

Cover of Frostfire Worlds“Whale Song”

Frostfire Worlds. May 2019. Fantasy. Hardcover print only.

With help from her internet friends, Melanie has faced her fears and is finally going to have a chance to see a whale, something she’s dreamed about for as long as she can remember. 


“Making Cow Eyes”

cover art of Where the Sun Always ShinesWhere the Sun Always Shines. June 2020. Flash fiction. Download only.

A lesbian cow comforts her lover.

This anthology also includes a reprint of “The Mud Princess.”


“The Bog Witch’s Brew” Speculative poetry. Online.

The bog witch is brewing and she hears the call.

“Loving a Spaceman”

Baltimore Science Fiction Society Poetry Contest 2019. Second Place. Speculative poetry. Free verse. PDF viewable.

“a message from beyond”

ParABnormal Magazine.cover of Parabnormal, March 2020. March 2020. Speculative poetry. Print magazine.

A deceased loved one keeps sending her message until you understand what she needed to tell you.


Cover of ParABnormal Magazine September 2019“Picnic by the Graves”

ParABnormal Magazine. September 2019. Speculative poetry. Print magazine.

A girl makes a new friend when her family picnics in an old cemetery.

Cover of ParABnormal Magazine, June 2019“In the Shadows”

ParABnormal Magazine. June 2019. Speculative poetry. Print magazine.

A girl knows something unpleasant is hiding in her family’s cellar.



migraine // even in the dark / the worms swarm / their undulating forms glisten / within my closed eyeQuattrain Fish. May 2020. General poetry. Online.


Mixed Short Poems

Scifaikuest. February 2020. Speculative poetry. Print only.

Featured poet. Includes interview and several poems.

Untitled Tanka

Scifaikuest. August 2020. Speculative poetry. Print only.

A boy and his robotic dog.