A Lichen (or Moss) a Day — 23 December

I feel like today is a moss day. Not a lot of time because of all the holiday prep remaining to make a nice holiday for my mother-in-law. I need to go out shortly and go collect some moss and the ground-growing lichen for a decoration. My husband is going to stop for some greenery on his way home (that’s a longer walk from here than my hip can handle).

close-up of sun on moss

Note the single strand of spiderweb on the tall spike to the right. I did not see any spiders the day I took this, but I did see a fly. Our weather has been warmer than usual much of the time, despite the fact that we’d gotten a hard frost very early in the fall and I had some neat hoar frost shots a month ago or something like that.

  • ISO 200
  • f/4.5
  • 1/320 sec

Now I just need the sun to get a bit brighter before I go out again, although I am not going to go anywhere different than where this batch was taken.


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