A Lichen a Day — 19 December 2020 (Moss!)

A lichen (or moss) a day keeps depression at bay…

Sorry to have missed some days. Things are rather hectic and emotional between unwell dog and the impending holidays. And my own health continues to be problematic. I wish I could sleep for a week–especially since we are getting a puppy in early January and I will have lots of broken nights in the beginning with puppy outings.

But let’s get to the business of today’s image.

This is another of my handheld at low speed and high ISO on an overcast day but I love how it turned out. I actually rested the camera on the ground to improve stability, although the awkward shutter button position did cause some shift.

  • ISO 640
  • 1/20 sec
  • f/2.8
  • focal length 4mm

Sometimes we all need something soft around us. The world is hard.

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