A Lichen a Day — 7 December 2020 (Only It’s Moss)

A lichen (or moss) a day keeps depression at bay…

Okay, so my optimism really isn’t working today. Sharing a moss for those who need something soft and cuddly. I am struggling with a dog who is not well and we’re running low on options to make her feel better.

Today’s image:

a wet patch of moss

This is in the backyard. We have a lot of moss mixed in with the grass.

Basic stats:

  • ISO 250
  • f/5
  • 1/125 sec
  • Focal length 11mm

This is an unedited photo.

Right now I really wish I could curl up on a bed of dry moss in a spot shaded from the summer sun with my dogs and a book. Instead it is wet, grey, cold and rainy and neither the one dog or I feel even half-decent.


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