Book Review: Murder at Larkfield Barn by Betty Rowlands

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When I write these longer reviews, I generally take some notes immediately after reading then mull things over for a day or two to see how I feel about the book and what sticks with me. Unfortunately in this case, what stuck with me was very little.

While reading it, the book served as reasonable distraction and entertainment, so I would give it 3 stars. The POV felt a bit headhoppy initially, but it later settled into more of an omniscient feel. The average reader probably won’t be bothered by this.

The way in which the killer was revealed was not fully satisfying to me, although I struggle to explain that without unwanted spoilers. Again, this is probably more a personal taste factor.

The one thing that did stick with me about this book is that the title never really seemed to fit the story. That made me expect something else to happen that didn’t, although I was still correct in my early conclusion of who was responsible.

If you are a cozy fan and looking for a quick read to pass the time, this book will likely be suitable. I am sure also those already bonded to the characters will enjoy it more than I did. It didn’t leave me out of things so much as it merely failed to engage me sufficiently.

Note: I chose to download this book from NetGalley for review purposes.

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