Holiday Hopes: Microfiction

“Merry Christmas.” Her grandson kissed her cheek and handed her a bottle. “You had something for us?”

Minerva rose. “I’ll make coffee.”

“No time.” He checked his phone. “I need to get the kids from Mom’s.”

Minerva handed him the envelopes.

She waved goodbye, alone with wine she couldn’t open.

This little piece is inspired by @Jayna’s fifty word prompt (gift this week). Sadly far too many people spend the holiday seasons like Minerva here–mostly alone with family members who want their money and presents but can’t be bothered to give them the one gift they need: love and attention. Please this holiday season see if you can find some older family members and friends and give them that one gift they really need this season (and all year round)–your time.  Slow down. Drink the coffee. Have a conversation. 

My mother-in-law joined us earlier this week for the holiday baking. She isn’t up to doing all these things on her own, but she loves it. So my husband picked her up and we set her on a tall chair at our kitchen island and she joined us in shaping and baking a selection of Danish and American cookies. We also gave her a meal of an old favorite that isn’t often on the menu at the senior center next to her tiny apartment. I am certain that meant more to her than any of the gifts we could have bought her.

So take some time out of your busy holidays to remember those who helped shape your childhood memories. And if they’re far away or passed away, like mine are, find someone else to give it to. 

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