Tomato Flower Monochrome (Monomad)

I have been nailed by migraines and other health issues, so I’m so behind posting photos I planned to share. Ones I really think are good enough to be worthy of posting. This picture was actually taken on 21 July. I’ve just not been at my computer the right times and in the right state to get it edited and posted. Since I took this picture, we’ve managed to start eating tomatoes from our greenhouse (first year we have one) but things are still flowering.

Also a miracle has occurred and we’ve gotten some rain. It will take forever for pastures and nature to recover, but we’re starting to get hints of green in areas that had been watered occasionally during the drought. Surprisingly, the regional government has already lifted the burn ban for our area, although there is still far more dead vegetation than live stuff.

Tomato Flower in Black and White

The only editing I’ve done with this photograph was a small change to the levels in GIMP. Otherwise it is original camera framing, etc., and taken in the camera’s black and white mode. I love the details and the lighting. The stripy effect in the background is not an error. It’s the texture of the plastic panels in our greenhouse. Since we’re very prone to wind here and have a lot of trees on our property, we felt like a polycarbonate greenhouse was a better choice for us than glass.

Taken with my Sony Hx400V
ISO 100
1/200 sec.

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